• Quality Philosophy錛?br /> Establish a perfect quality system, and create high-reliability and consistency of product quality to meet customer’s needs; People-oriented, continuous improvement, to provide customers with first-class services

                    Quality Management System錛?/strong>
                    Always paying attention to the adoption of the market and customers’ needs, the design and Manufacturing of our products achieve high reliability and consistency through the strict quality control, so as to ensure that product design and testing exactly fit the market and customers’ needs.

                    Quality in Design錛?br /> Product design &steps and improvement of the process keep quality control strictly according to the customer and market requirements. Achieving high reliability and consistency goals reflects in each important parameter of products.

                    Quality in Manufacturing錛?/strong>
                    Our supplier’s Quality Evaluation uses quality suppler standand. Which fit the International standards of the semiconductor industry.
                    Both our and our dedicated foundry’s quality management system have been certified through the International Association for the quality certification, continuous online quality controlling ensure that the quality of product in line fits standards and requirements.

                    Certificate of Registration


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                  • Company Profile
                    As a power semiconductor designer and supplier, especially for a full-scale operating voltage MOSFET, Silikron has already grown up to be an international powerful semiconductor supplier.

                  ROHS / GREEN COMMITMENT

                  All Silikron products and materials are RoHS compliant.