• Already entered 3G and the intellectualized time take the portable application as representative's expense class electronic products.In order to satisfy the long battery period of revolution, large screen aspect and so on LCD colored tablet, multi-purpose integrations and small contour factor demands, the power management system solution changes with each new day.In this cross-century information electron intellectualization development tide, the series power component product which Silikron Semi can promote, widely uses in battery charge management, LDO, DC/DC switch, power source management unit (PMU) and so on.Uses the advanced deep submicron trench technology, the ultra-high cell density and the ESD protection design perfect union, enables the component performance to achieve the field first-class standard.The product application has contained Vds~10-40V, Id~0.1-20A, Power~1-400W above scope, becomes supplier who domestic only can provide the omni-directional serialized low pressure MOS product.
                  • Silikron Semi Schottky series products, to adopt special Groove cell design and advanced processing technology, work with the 200V series voltage range, maximum rectified current ~ 60A, forward surge current ~ 300A, and ESD as high as 8KV above. With high junction temperature of the working performance, they could be widely used in a power switch, motor control, telecom switches, factory automation, electronic automation etc high speed switch field.
                  • With excellent Trr less than 30ns and reliability, Silikron Semi FRED are widely used in AC-DC converters off-line power supplies, motor drive, server, and telecommunications in the power supply systems, Solar Inverter and single-phase and three-phase electric arc welding and plasma cutting equipment, battery chargers, semiconductor equipment and induction heating, medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the computerised axial hierarchical x-ray imaging (CT), etc. All devices have been 100% avalanche energy detection, and the packages used are in compliance with RoHS spec,
                  • Transient voltage suppressor are widely used in computers, communications equipment, AC/DC power supply, automotive, electronic ballasts, household appliances, instruments (watthour meters), digital products, drivers receive protection, motor electromagnetic interference suppression, audio/video inputs, sensor/transmission, industrial control circuit, relays, etc.Silikron Semi TVS product can absorb more than 10000V, 60A above energy pulse , and can sustain10ms or above.
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                    As a power semiconductor designer and supplier, especially for a full-scale operating voltage MOSFET, Silikron has already grown up to be an international powerful semiconductor supplier.

                  ROHS / GREEN COMMITMENT

                  All Silikron products and materials are RoHS compliant.