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                  New Silikron Products
                  鈼咥dvance trench process technology222
                  鈼咹igh cell density for ultra low Rdson
                  鈼咹igh DV/DT capability
                  鈼咹igh reliability, energy saving and space saving


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                  鈼哃ow Forward Volatge VF, typical 0.95V
                  鈼哃ow Reverse Leakage lower than 100uA
                  鈼咹igh ESD protection 6KV IEC model
                  鈼咹igh Forward Surge current
                  鈼咹igh Reverse Surge Current
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                  鈼哃ow drain-source ON resistance錛?4mΩ(typ.) at Vgs=10V
                  鈼咷ate-Source ESD Protected錛?000V HBM
                  鈼哃ead free product is acquired
                  鈼員his device is suitable for use in applications such as power switch of portable machine and so on.


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